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ADM- 5-140 Authorization to sign Food Source Contract.doc
ADM-1-10 Mission Statement.docx
ADM-1-20 Goals.doc
ADM-1-30 Philosophy _ Core Values.doc
ADM-1-40 By-Laws.doc
ADM-1-60 Policies Index.doc
ADM-2-10 Purpose of Organization.doc
ADM-2-20 Organizational Chart.doc
ADM-2-20 Organizational
ADM-2-30 HCSS Agency Boundary Map.pdf
ADM-2-40 Management Group Terms of Reference.doc
ADM-2-50 Office Volunteeer Service Description.doc
ADM-2-80 Finance _ Audit Committee Terms of Reference.doc
ADM-2-90 CQI Terms of Reference.doc
ADM-3-10 Executive Director.doc
ADM-3-110 Program Assistant-Day Away.docx
ADM-3-120 Day Away Relief.doc
ADM-3-160 Team Leader.docx
ADM-3-170 Family and Client Care Coordinator.docx
ADM-3-180 Program and Activities Coordinator.docx
ADM-3-190 Team Clerk.docx
ADM-3-200 Board Administrative Assistant.doc
ADM-3-210 Housekeeper Responsibilities.doc
ADM-3-220 Privacy Officer.doc
ADM-3-240 Director of Finance.docx
ADM-3-270 Driver.doc
ADM-3-280 Transportation Scheduler.doc
ADM-3-290 In-House Software Support Position.doc
ADM-3-30 Programs Director .doc
ADM-3-300 Relief Team Clerk.doc
ADM-3-310 General Accountant _ Financial Analyst.doc
ADM-3-330 CSS Assessor.doc
ADM-3-340 Accounts Payable _ Accounts Receivable Clerk.doc
ADM-3-350 Volunteer Recruitment Assistant.doc
ADM-3-360 Volunteer Recruitment Specialist.doc
ADM-3-40 Financial Officer.doc
ADM-3-50 Payroll Human Resources Billing Clerk.doc
ADM-3-70 Administration Clerk Receptionist.doc
ADM-4-10 Accounts Receivable.doc
ADM-4-20 Overdue Accounts.doc
ADM-4-40 Accounts Payable.doc
ADM-4-50 GST Submission and Retrieval.doc
ADM-4-60 Cashflow Statement.doc
ADM-4-70 Refund of Accounts Receivable Overpayment.doc
ADM-5-10 Client Fee for Service.doc
ADM-5-100 Letter of Receipt for Client Fee.doc
ADM-5-110 Signing Authority.doc
ADM-5-120 Audits.doc
ADM-5-130 Inventory.doc
ADM-5-170 Payroll.doc
ADM-5-180 SaleDonation of Agency Property.doc
ADM-5-190 Establishment of Bank Accounts.doc
ADM-5-20 Fee Reduction.docx
ADM-5-200 Credit Card Policy.doc
ADM-5-210 Key Conrol Policy.doc
ADM-5-230 Pre-Authorization to Debit Clients Bank Accounts.doc
ADM-5-30 Petty Cash.doc
ADM-5-40 Purchase System.doc
ADM-5-50 Selection of Vendors.doc
ADM-5-60 Gift Certificates.doc
ADM-5-70 Donations.doc
ADM-5-90 Receiving Payment from Client.doc
ADM-6-10 Continuous Quality Improvement Process.doc
ADM-6-20 Program Evaluation.doc
ADM-6-30 Collection of Statistics.doc
ADM-6-40 Development of Service Plan for Agency.doc
ADM-6-50 Incident Report.doc
ADM-6-60 Complaints Procedure.doc
ADM-6-70 Policy Develpment.doc
ADM-6-80 Special Projects.doc
ADM-6-90 Evaluate Health Fair, Public Display.doc
ADM-7-10 Client Information Privacy Policy.doc
ADM-7-20 Access and Storage of Client Records.doc
ADM-7-30 Client Consent to Release of Information.doc
ADM-7-40 PHIPA Reference Guide.doc
ADM-7-50 Transporting Client Information andor Electronic Devices Containing Client Information.doc
ADM-7-60 Privacy Officer Role, Responsibilities Contact Information.doc
ALC Day Away Transition Fact Sheet.doc
BRD-1-10 Mission Statement.doc
BRD-1-20 Goals.doc
BRD-1-30 Statement of PhilosophyCore Values.doc
BRD-1-40 By-Laws.doc
BRD-1-50 Organizational Chart.doc
BRD-1-50 Organizational
BRD-1-60 Purpose of Organization.doc
BRD-1-70 Map of Service Areas.doc
BRD-1-80 Map of Local Areas.doc
BRD-2-10 General Function of Board of Directors.doc
BRD-2-100 Vehicle Allowance.doc
BRD-2-110 Volunteer Rights _ Responsibilities.doc
BRD-2-120 Application Screening Process.doc
BRD-2-130 Police Checks.doc
BRD-2-140 Insurance Requirements.doc
BRD-2-150 Orientation.doc
BRD-2-160 Training.doc
BRD-2-170 Recognition.doc
BRD-2-180 Code of Conduct - Board.doc
BRD-2-190 Confidentiality.doc
BRD-2-20 List of Board of Directors.doc
BRD-2-200 Personal Harassment.doc
BRD-2-220 Reimbursement of Volunteer Expenses.doc
BRD-2-230 Inappropriate Activities for Volunteers.doc
BRD-2-240 Volunteer Resignation.doc
BRD-2-250 Volunteer Disciplinary Procedure.doc
BRD-2-260 Letters of Reference.doc
BRD-2-270 Board Member List of Responsibilities.doc
BRD-2-30 Board vs Executive Director Responsibilities.doc
BRD-2-40 Executive Director Responsibilities.doc
BRD-2-50 Conflict of Interest Board.doc
BRD-2-60 Policy Awareness.doc
BRD-2-70 Spokesperson for Agency.doc
BRD-2-80 General Compensation Increases.doc
BRD-2-90 Travel _ Meeting Expenses While on Agency Business.doc
BRD-3-110 CQI Committee - Terms of Reference.doc
BRD-3-120 Strategic Planning Committee - Terms of Reference.doc
BRD-3-20 Executive Committee of Board - Terms of Reference.doc
BRD-3-40 Policy, Procedure, Planning and Program Evaluation Committee - Terms of Reference.doc
BRD-3-60 Nomination and Orientation Committee - Terms of Reference.doc
BRD-3-70 Ad Hoc Fundraising Committee - Terms of Reference.doc
BRD-3-80 Finance and Audit CommitteeTerms of Reference.doc
BRD-4-10 Signing Authority.doc
BRD-4-20 Audits.doc
BRD-4-30 Rental Contracts.doc
BRD-4-40 Insurance.doc
BRD-4-70 Fundraising.doc
BRD-4-80 Authorization to sign Food Source Contract.doc
BRD-4-90 SaleDonation of Agency Property.doc
BRD-5-10 CQI System.doc
BRD-5-20 Program Evaluation.doc
BRD-5-30 Collection iof Statistics.doc
BRD-5-40 Development of Service Plan for the Agency.doc
BRD-5-50 Policy Develpment.doc
Client Fees.doc
Client Monitoring.doc
Collection of Statistics.doc
Dining Club Volunteer Description.doc
Eligibility Criteria.doc
Emergency Procedures.doc
Facility Requirements.doc
Geographic Catchment Area.doc
HR 3-150 Gifts from Clients.doc
HR-1-10 HR Hiring Practices.doc
HR-1-20 HR Employment Status .doc
HR-1-30 HR New Employee Orientation.doc
HR-1-40 Job Sharing, Request for Reduction in Hours.doc
HR-1-50 Temporarily Assigned to a Higher Paying Position.doc
HR-10 -70 Bumping Rights.doc
HR-10-10 Layoff and Termination.doc
HR-10-20 Resignation.doc
HR-10-40 Termination Interview.doc
HR-10-50 References.doc
HR-10-60 Confidentiality after Termination of Employment.doc
HR-11-10 Scheduled On-Call Response.doc
HR-11-20 Scheduled On-Call Management Response.doc
HR-2-10 Hours of Work.docx.doc
HR-2-20 Vacation.doc
HR-2-30 Paid Holidays.doc
HR-2-40 Equal Opportunity Employer.doc
HR-2-50 Employee Access to Personnel File.doc
HR-2-60 Change in Employee Information.doc
HR-2-70 Classifications of Separation.doc
HR-3-10 Workplace Harassment .doc
HR-3-100 Spokesperson for Agency.doc
HR-3-110 Name Tag Policy.doc
HR-3-120 HCSS Staff Dress Code and Foot Wear.doc
HR-3-130 HCSS Staff Uniform Policy.doc
HR-3-140 Code of Conduct-Whistle Blower.doc
HR-3-150 Mandatory Annual Staff Training.docx
HR-3-20 Conflict of Interest.doc
HR-3-30 HCSS Fraud and Theft Prevention.doc
HR-3-40 Substances Abuse.doc
HR-3-50 Conflict Resolution.doc
HR-3-60 Disciplinary Procedure.doc
HR-3-70 Policy Awareness.doc
HR-3-80 Confidential Information.doc
HR-3-90 Code of Conduct.doc
HR-4-10 Pay Days.doc
HR-4-20 General Compensation Increases.doc
HR-4-30 OvertimeLieu Time.doc
HR-4-40 Red-Circled RatesDemotion.doc
HR-4-50 Garishees Wage Assignments Third Party Demands.doc
HR-4-60 Credit and Employee Verification.doc
HR-4-70 Performance Review and Development Plan.doc
HR-4-80 Internal Movement of Employees.doc
HR-4-90 Temp Assignment to a Higher Position.doc
HR-5-10 Benefit Eligibility _ Entitlement.doc
HR-5-100 Membership in Professional Associations.doc
HR-5-110 Employee Assistance Program EAP.doc
HR-5-30 Long-Term Disability.doc
HR-5-40 Group Life Insurance.doc
HR-5-50 Ontario Health Tax.doc
HR-5-60 Extended Health Insurance.doc
HR-5-70 Dental Insurance.doc
HR-5-80 RRSP Program.doc
HR-5-90 Tuition - Registration Fees.doc
HR-6-10 Personal Leave - General.doc
HR-6-100 Cancelled Shifts for Part TimelReliefHousekeeping.doc
HR-6-120 Well and Fit to Perform Regular Duties.doc
HR-6-130 Paid Time for HCSS Employees Attending Internal Employment Interviews.doc
HR-6-20 Personal Time Off PTO.doc
HR-6-30 Compensation for Absence Due to Weather Conditions.doc
HR-6-40 Bereavement.doc
HR-6-50 Jury Duty or Witness in Court.doc
HR-6-80 Religious Observance.doc
HR-6-90 Canadian Citizenship.doc
HR-7-10 Occupational Health _ Safety Program.doc
HR-7-100 Joint H_S Terms of Reference.doc
HR-7-120 HCSS Staff Dress Code and Foot Wear.doc
HR-7-130 Roles And Responsibilities of Joint H_S.doc
HR-7-140 Roles and Responsibilities of the H_S Representative.doc
HR-7-150 Workplace Violence.doc
HR-7-160 Workplace Safety Plan.doc
HR-7-170 Scent Free Work Place.doc
HR-7-180 Needle Stick Injury Protocol.doc
HR-7-190 HCSS Personal Cell Phone Use.doc
HR-7-20 Reporting Accidents.doc
HR-7-30 Aids and HIV Infections.doc
HR-7-40 Smoke-free workplace.doc
HR-7-50 HCSS Cell Phone Use.doc
HR-7-60 Standard Precautions.doc
HR-7-70 Disposal of Needles.doc
HR-7-80 Travelling During Inclement Weather.doc
HR-7-90 Staff _ Volunteer Immunization Policy.doc.docx
HR-8-10 Travel _ Meeting Expenses While on Agency Business.doc
HR-8-20 Travel Time Compensation.doc
HR-8-30 Vehicle Allowance.doc
HR-8-40 Staff Transporting Clients.doc
HR-8-50 Travelling During Inclement Weather.doc
HR-9-10 Recognition of Significant Events.doc
HR-Stat Draft 0912.doc
Meal Requirements.doc
Menu Criteria.doc
PM 10-30 Overnight Relief Documents.docx
PM-1-10 Collection _ Recording of Client Informaion.doc
PM-1-100 Lost or Stolen Client Record.doc
PM-1-20 Access _ Storage of Client Records.doc
PM-1-30 Client Consent to Release of Information.doc
PM-1-40 Record Management System.doc
PM-1-50 Access _ Storage of AdministrativeAccounting Records.doc
PM-1-60 Record Retention.doc
PM-1-70 Record Disposal.doc
PM-1-80 Forms Management.doc
PM-1-90 Client Request for Record Change.doc
PM-10-10 Overnight Relief Service Description.doc
PM-10-20 Overnight Relief Client Fee.doc
PM-10-40 Advance Booking of Overnight Relief Spaces.doc
PM-2-10 Client Rights _ Responsibilities.doc
PM-2-100 Reassessment.doc.docx
PM-2-120 Client Discharge.doc
PM-2-130 Ineligible Clients.doc
PM-2-140 Appeals Process.doc
PM-2-150 Cancellation of Service of Client.doc
PM-2-170 Suspected Abuse of a Client.doc
PM-2-180 Standard Precautions.doc
PM-2-20 Referral _ Intake.doc.docx
PM-2-200 Regular Recording of Freezer _ Refridgerator Temps.doc
PM-2-210 Late Cancellation Client Fee.doc
PM-2-230 Suicide Prevention and Intervention Protocol.doc
PM-2-30 Initiating Service Before Assessment Complete.doc
PM-2-40 Assessment Process.doc.docx
PM-2-50 Inter RAI Pre Screener.docx
PM-2-80 Waiting List.docx
PM-2-90 Waiting List Day Away.docx
PM-3-10 DA Service Description.doc
PM-3-100 Appendix 1 Activities Performed by UCP's.doc
PM-3-100 Client Assessment _ Unregulated Care Provider.doc
PM-3-110 Administration of Medication.doc
PM-3-115 DA Safe Food Handling - Staff _ Volunteers.doc
PM-3-120 Sanitation Protocol Day Away.doc
PM-3-130 DA Team Meetings.doc
PM-3-140 Documentation of Client Information-Ongoing.docx
PM-3-15 ADP Client Fee.doc
PM-3-150 DA Volunteer Rest Lunch Smoking Breaks.doc
PM-3-160 DA Support to Caregivers.doc
PM-3-180 DA Medical Emergency.doc
PM-3-190 Plan of Treatment for CPR and DNR.doc
PM-3-20 DA Eligibility Criteria.doc
PM-3-200 DA Fire.doc
PM-3-210 DA Wandering Client.docx
PM-3-220 DA Aggressive Client.doc
PM-3-230 Restrictions on all Foods.doc
PM-3-240 Visiting Pets and Therapy Aniimals.doc
PM-3-250 Controlled Medication Count.doc
PM-3-260 Client Lifts and Transfers.doc
PM-3-30 DA Collection of Statistics.doc
PM-3-40 Day Away Volunteer Service Description.doc
PM-3-50 DA Fundamentals of Programming.doc
PM-3-60 DA Exercise.doc
PM-3-70 DA Meals.doc
PM-3-85 DA Bathing.doc
PM-3-90 DA Transportation of Clients.doc
PM-3-95 DA Foot Care _ Nail Care.doc
PM-4-10 MOW Service Description of Meal Programs.doc
PM-4-100 MOW Delivery of Meal to Client.doc
PM-4-110 MOW Potential Emergency.doc
PM-4-120 MOW Quality Assurance.doc
PM-4-130 MOW Program Expansion.doc
PM-4-20 MOW Eligibility Criteria.doc
PM-4-210 CDC Service Description.doc
PM-4-220 CDC Eligibility Criteria.doc
PM-4-230 CDC Geographic Catchment Area.doc
PM-4-240 CDC Client Fees.doc
PM-4-250 CDC Transporatation of Clients.doc
PM-4-260 CDC Social Environment.doc
PM-4-280 CDC Menu Criteria.doc
PM-4-290 CDC Meal Preparation Standards.doc
PM-4-30 CDC Collection of Statistics.doc
PM-4-300 CDC Safe Food Handling.doc
PM-4-310 CDC Emergency Procedures.doc
PM-4-320 CDC Client Monitoring.doc
PM-4-330 CDC Collection of Statistics.doc
PM-4-340 CDC Payment to the Meal Supplier.doc
PM-4-350 CDC Promotion of the Dining Club.doc
PM-4-360 CDC Facility Requirements.doc
PM-4-370 CDC Quality Assurance.doc
PM-4-380 CDC Program Expansion.doc
PM-4-390 CDC Volunteer Service Description.doc
PM-4-40 MOW Volunteer Service Description.doc
PM-4-42 MOW Group Coordinator Service.doc
PM-4-45 MOW Contact Service Description.doc
PM-4-50 MOW Ordering _ Delivery of Frozen Meals.doc
PM-4-60 MOW Menu Criteria.doc
PM-4-70 MOW Meal Preparation Standards.doc
PM-4-80 MOW Preparation for Delivery.doc
PM-4-90 MOW Food Containers.doc
PM-5-10 MOVIN'GB Transportation Description.doc
PM-5-100 MOVIN'GB Transportation Client Fees.doc
PM-5-120 Booking Driver Closest to Client.doc
PM-5-130 TR One Way Client Trips.doc
PM-5-140 MOVIN'GB Transportation Waiting Times and Stops.doc
PM-5-150 TR Volunteer Driver Reimbursement.doc
PM-5-160 TR Overnight Accommodation and Reimbursement.doc
PM-5-170 TR Emergency Procedures for Volunteer Drivers.doc
PM-5-180 MOVIN'GB Transportation Dialysis Clients.doc
PM-5-190 TR Clients Requiring an Escort.doc
PM-5-200 TR Seat Belts.doc
PM-5-220 Flat Rate Billing Policy.doc
PM-5-240 MOVIN'GB Transportation Client Eligibility.doc
PM-5-260 MOVIN' GB Shared Client Rides.doc
PM-5-30 TR Collection of Statistics.doc
PM-5-40 TR Volunteer Driver Service Description.doc
PM-5-50 TR Volunteer Driver - Rights, Responsibilities _ Limits.doc
PM-5-70 MOVIN'GB Transportation Booking a Ride.doc
PM-5-80 MOVIN'GB Transportation Ineligible Rides .doc
PM-5-90 TR Long Distance Trips.doc
PM-6-10 FV Service Description Friendly Visiting.doc
PM-6-100 FV Volunteer Leave of Absence.doc
PM-6-20 FV Eligibility Criteria.doc
PM-6-30 FV Collection of Statistics.doc
PM-6-40 FV Volunteer Job Description.doc
PM-6-50 FV Volunteer Visitor Rights, Responsibilities _ Limits.doc
PM-6-60 FV Client - Volunteer Match.doc
PM-6-70 FV Monitoring Match.doc
PM-6-80 FV Termination of a Match.doc
PM-6-90 FV Emergemcy Procedures.doc
PM-8-10 TEL Service Description.doc
PM-8-20 TEL Eligibility Criteria.doc
PM-8-30 TEL Collection of Statistics.doc
PM-8-40 TEL Telephone Contact Volunteer Job Description.doc
PM-8-50 TEL Potential Emergencies.doc
PM-9-10 HSKG Service Description.doc
PM-9-20 HSKG Eligibility CriteriaPriority.doc
PM-9-50 HSKG Medical Emergency.doc
PM-9-60 HSKG Client Not Home.doc
PM-9-80 HSKG Documentation of Information -on-going.doc
PM-9-90 Guidelines for Pet Care.doc
Payment to the Meal Supplier.doc
Pm-4-270 CDC Recreational Activities.doc
Pm-9-70 HSKG Formal Training Housekeepers, Health _ Safety.doc
Quality Assurance.doc
Recreational Activities.doc
Safe Food Handling.doc
Service Description.doc
Social Environment.doc
VM-1-10 Volunteer Rights _ Responsibilities.doc
VM-2-10 VM Recruitment Methods.doc
VM-2-20 VM Work, School, Placements in Volunteer Position.doc
VM-2-30 VM Application Screening Process.doc
VM-2-40 VM Volunteer Placement.doc
VM-2-50 VM Unsuccessful Volunteer Application.doc
VM-2-60 VM Police Checks.doc
VM-2-70 VM Insurance Requirements.doc
VM-3-10 VM Orientation .doc
VM-3-20 VM Training.doc
VM-3-30 VM SupervisionFeedback to Volunteer.doc
VM-3-40 VM Recognition.doc
VM-3-50 VM Retention.doc
VM-3-60 Volunteer Safe Food Handling Guide Book.doc
VM-4-10 VM Code of Conduct.doc
VM-4-100 VM Inappropriate Activities for Volunteers.doc
VM-4-110 VM Volunteer Identification.doc
VM-4-120 Volunteer providing private service.doc
VM-4-20 VM Confidentiality.doc
VM-4-30 VM Personal Harrassment.doc
VM-4-40 VM Conflict of Interest.doc
VM-4-50 VM Gifts from Clients.doc
VM-4-60 VM Legal, Financial, Family Conflict.doc
VM-4-70 VM Right of Refusal.doc
VM-4-80 VM Reimbursement of Volunteer Expenses.doc
VM-4-90 VM Smoking.doc
VM-5-10 VM Absence - Vacation.doc
VM-5-20 VM Volunteer Resignation.doc
VM-5-30 VM Volunteer Discipline Procedure.doc
VM-5-40 VM Letters of Reference.doc
VM-6-10 VM Client Not Home.doc
VM-6-20 VM Client Found or Becomes Unconscious.doc
VM-6-30 VM Motor Vehicle Accident.doc
VM-6-40 VM Unusual Client Behaviour.doc
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