What is a Meals on Wheels Program?

  • The Meals on Wheels – Hot Program is available to many individuals throughout Grey-Bruce who are having difficulty preparing nutritious meals either on a short-term or long-term basis. This service provides clients with a hot-meal delivered to their door on a pre-arranged basis. Clients not only receive a nutritious meal, but they also look forward to a volunteer visit.
  • The Meals on Wheels – Frozen Program is an alternative to hot meals and is often used on weekends and holidays when hot meals are not available. Frozen meals are also kept on hand in our freezers in each area for people returning from hospital stays or special circumstances. These meals are available throughout all of Grey/Bruce and are popular in remote areas where a suitable hot food source is not available year around. Meals are ordered monthly by clients and delivered by volunteers. Volunteers often have a short visit with clients when they deliver the meals and may help clients by putting the meals in the freezer.


Who uses the Meals on Wheels Program?

  • Meals on Wheels are provided to individuals who cannot prepare adequate and nutritious meals for themselves. Reasons for eligibility include individuals who:
    • physically are unable to prepare meals;
    • have difficulty using kitchen appliances;
    • do not have the necessary skills;
    • are not motivated to prepare and eat healthy meals (loss of spouse, depression);
    • are living with someone unable or unwilling to provide nutritious meals;
    • have inadequate cooking facilities;
    • are living alone and homebound during winter months.
  • An adult convalescing from an operation or an illness such as cancer, stroke or heart attack may also be eligible to receive Meals on Wheels until they are able to manage on their own

What are meal costs?

  • Hot and frozen meal availability and frequency of delivery varies by community. The cost of meals range from $5.00 to $8.00. Frozen meals are ordered on a monthly basis.  Each hot meal consist of meat or fish, 2 vegetables, bread, soup and dessert. Special diets are accommodated whenever possible and are available in both the frozen and hot meals.

*Menu and Order Forms can be found in our Documents Section

Meals on Wheels Orientation video