Anonymous Testimonials

Day Away

“The two days that she attends are the highlight of her week. She tells me how kind the “teachers” are.  We are fairly new to the program, but we cannot think how it could be improved. Absolutely thrilled with the Day Away program.”


“Mom has been loving Day Away. She tells everyone she’s “going to class”. She is very social so this has been the perfect outlet for her. Since she started attending, I feel she is more alert mentally due to the stimulus she receives. She wasn’t quite ready for assisted living, but the respite I receive has helped me cope better with her dementia & increased attention she had come to need. Keep up the good work!”



Need a Ride?

“Since a fall last year this service has enabled me to keep medical appointments. The drivers are friendly people.”


“Very satisfied with the Transportation program.  Rides are very helpful to me because I don’t have a car and I am on a fixed income.”


“I am 88 years old and I live alone. I don’t drive and live a couple miles from town. Your driver picks me up and takes me to my hair appointment, grocery shopping and to doctor & dentist appointments. My family lives in Toronto and help out when they can on weekends. The driver has been very helpful for several years now and I could not stay here in my own home without this help.”


“I live alone and I’m 84 years old and appreciate this service so very much when I’m in need of it.”


“This service is sincerely appreciated and I commend all the wonderful people who volunteer and give up their time to help people in need.”


“I’m very thankful to have this service. Both staff and volunteers are very helpful and courteous at all times. I’m 80+ years old living alone and on a limited budget and I find your fees are very reasonable.”



Meals on Wheels

“My partner receives Meals on Wheels twice a week. The volunteers are wonderful and we appreciate their efforts. The meals are quite good and sometimes very bountiful.  Always looks appetizing.”


“I’m very happy with the Meals on Wheels service, and the meals come on time.”


“I receive Meals on Wheels twice a week. I find the volunteers friendly.”


“I benefit from the Meals on Wheels service, without it I wouldn’t be able to stay at home.”


“Meals on Wheels is a very worthwhile service. The frozen meals program is excellent.”




“The housekeeping service I have received is outstanding, partly because of the personality of the cleaning lady!”


“I am very satisfied with the housekeeping service, I am very happy that we have help from your agency. Thank you for your help.”


“I had “K” helping me with my recent move & settling in to my new home.  She is an amazing worker and I feel very lucky to have her as a housekeeper.”


“The cleaning lady who comes to my home is very, very good and thorough. I really like her. She is friendly and does a wonderful job for me.”


“Our housekeeper is very hardworking and consistently positive and eager to be of help. I have fewer problems with my arthritic fingers and less back pain as she does the things which aggravated those conditions.”