“Every day that I’m at the Meaford Day Away is a new and enjoyable experience. I feel I’ve made many new friends there, both staff and co-volunteers. Also my husband is always so keen to hear stories about the activities. I’ve learned so much about this area that we moved to from Pickering.

I teach driving skills to all ages from 16 and up. I have enjoyed preparing seniors for their drive tests. Occasionally, a senior will not pass the test. “Now what do I do?” they will often ask me. Searching what their options are has brought me to the realization that there are few. HCSS is one of the best. Drivers are kind, helpful to clients and generous with their time. The service is at a reasonable cost. As a volunteer driver, I have become reacquainted with former driving clients. Now they ask for me whenever they need a drive. It’s good to see old friends often. They are comfortable with me because they know me. I am happy to see them taken care of. We both win.”

– P.C.


“Over the years, I helped my wife in the care and support of her parents during their retirement including their stay at Elgin Lodge in Port Elgin. My interest in caring for seniors originated from having a good relationship with my grandparents in Saskatchewan.

While helping to care for my in-laws, I asked about volunteer opportunities at Elgin Lodge. The Activity Director supported my suggestion of playing cribbage with interested residents. At one of the volunteer appreciation luncheons, the Executive Director identified a need for volunteers to support residents going to medical appointments and the like. Because of the satisfaction derived from serving seniors through Meals on Wheels for HCSS, I was about to commit to becoming a volunteer driver also with HCSS. I thus became both a volunteer driver and a support for residents at Elgin Lodge and for other seniors in the community attending appointments.

From my story, it is evident that volunteering is one area can easily become an interest and involvement in another area. To sum up, volunteering has filled a huge void in retirement and has created a great deal of satisfaction in the process.”

– A. K.


“When one retires from 30 years of employment outside of one’s home it may seem as if your useful days are at an end. Volunteering returns an “outside the home” routine, and you are thankful that you can be of service which is so necessary and so appreciated. I am so glad that this story is true for so many.”

– G. P.

“In July of 2013 I moved with my 11 year old son to Port Elgin from Milton. My parents had retired and made the move up a couple years before and loved the small community feel Saugeen Shores has (what Milton once had). I’m self-employed as a Realtor and didn’t know many people in the area and had some time on my hands that I thought would be best used helping those who need assistance. I’m now a volunteer driver and I find it makes me feel so good doing something for others. It’s such a small thing and really doesn’t take much time up, but the reward it priceless.”

– K. C.

“I think the Meals on Wheels is a very important program for seniors. In many cases our visits to their homes may be the only outside contact they have from week to week. In many cases their meals are the highlight of their day. My husband always asked and looked forward to what I prepared each day so I can appreciate how our seniors feel. It is a small effort on my part, but it brings great joy and satisfaction.”

– M. S.

“As a volunteer I have met many wonderful people who all have an interesting story to tell – their life story. Volunteering has helped me remain active and feel a part of the community. It is a very rewarding experience.”

– J.M.

“I recently moved to Port Elgin. Volunteer driving gives me an opportunity to meet nice people, explore my new environment, make myself useful, gets me up and away in the morning. I am retired.”

– C.N.

“I have always considered that volunteering is the very best way to be part of any community I have lived in. That said, for my part, it is a most fulfilling and rewarding activity.”

– R.M.

“When delivering meals on wheels, it makes you feel good when someone meets you at their door and appreciates your volunteering and greets you with a smile and a thank you.   Ask about the weather, just a few moments of some small talk with those receiving. If someone is grumbling, joke with them a bit and it brings them around for a moment or two. Nice to know your few minutes might give that person something else to think about instead of themselves.”

– L.P

“I benefited from CCAC services when I took care of my 90+ year old mother for 5 years. I like driving and enjoy the human contact with clients & staff.
As a senior living alone, my life has been enriched by volunteer driving for Home & Community Support Services. It has added structure to my week and a sense of well being by forming new relationships with both clients & HCSS staff. It’s like having a meaningful job but with lots of flexibility for enjoying my other social activities.”

– S.L